2021-2022 Pre-Registration package

2021-2022 Strathmore Polominos Water Polo Club pre-registration is open. (forms are at the bottom of this page )

We thank you for your interest in joining our Club. Things are going to look a little different this year and we are excited about it!

Today I am sharing with you what we are calling Pre-Registration. Why pre-registration? Well a couple of reasons.
First we need to know if we are going to have enough Athletes to run the program. From the inquiries and feedback I am getting I do not believe this will be a problem.
Secondly we need Parent support prior to the actual team getting into the water. Currently we have a Club Board that has vacancies that must be filled prior to opening our official registration. Don’t let that scare you. The past Board has moved on as their kids have aged out of the Club or their kids have chosen different activities to pursue. The past Board members have set up the Club to be successful and now it is time for a new group of Parents to take the Club even further in its growth and goals. Currently we need a minimum of the following positions to be filled:
President, Vice President, Secretary/Registrar, Treasurer, Covid Coordinator
That looks like a lot I know. Please do not let it scare you. I am here to be a HUGE assistance to the Club Board. At this point we are in a position where we can not make any decisions without an elected Board. I have the season set up so we can get rolling but we do not have a voting majority for approval of things like the Annual budget, we can not accept payment for membership, we can not sign coaches contracts and my list goes on.

What can we do? We can start taking pre-registration with the understanding that if we do not have a Board in place prior to September 30, 2021 we will not have a season.

We will have the Strathmore Water Polo Club Annual General Meeting Sunday Sept 12th at 7pm in the Strathmore Motor Products Sports Centre parking lot (outdoors-bring a chair) As per the Club bylaws this meeting must take place prior to September 25, 2021. Elections for the vacant Board positions will be made that evening.

We will then have our first Board meeting Monday September 20, 2021 at 7pm (location to be confirmed)

Official registration will open October 1st 2021 (online registration and fee payment will be available)

Our first scheduled practice is October 12th 2021.

On your pre-registration form there is a spot where you can indicate if you would like to be an active member of the Board or would like to nominate someone. Board members must have a child on the Strathmore Polominos Water Polo team.
Included in the pre-registration package is information about Respect in Sports for Parents. This online course must be completed by at least 1 Parent prior to online registration will be accepted in October. This is a mandatory requirement by Water Polo Canada.

Feel free to email with any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you
Kristen Wilson (strathmorewaterpoloclub@gmail.com)