Clinics and Training Sessions

2022/2023 Season. Ponies and Polominos will be working through the Swim like a Dolphin program. (developed by Alberta Water Polo, in collaboration with Water Polo Canada) We are excited to bring this program to the Strathmore Water Polo Club. 

Swim Like a Dolphin is a fantastic opportunity to grow grassroots water polo. It makes learning to swim fun and develops a love for water polo. The goal of the program is to prepare children to learn to swim and play water polo while having fun. When they are done with the entire program they should feel confident in their swimming skills and be prepared to play water polo if they chose to continue with a club in a recreational or competitive environment.  

Swim Like a Dolphin currently has two different levels. The first is the beginner preschool level intended for children ages 6-7. The second is the junior level intended for children ages 8-12. We are using a colorful report card and sticker process to engage the young athletes to be excited about completing the different skills within each level.

Registration is ongoing throughout the season. Please email to join!!

We will post updates on any clinics and training sessions (referee or junior coaching, etc) as they become available.