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 General Rules of Water Polo

General Rules

  • Teams are made up of 13 players – 7 in the water at one time, including 1 goalie and 6 field players
  • Play starts with a sprint by both teams to the ball, dropped at the halfway mark by the referee
  • After a goal, play starts in the middle of the pool. Teams can use this time to substitute players.
  • When the referee whistles to indicate an infraction – players must pass the ball to a teammate before shooting on goal, with the exception of a direct shot on goal from outside the 7 m line or a penalty shot
  • Players can advance the ball by swimming or passing
  • 1 hand on the ball, except goalies who may use 2 hands within their 4 m line
  • No standing on the bottom
  • Players may only be “dunked” if they are in possession of the ball. There may be contact away from the ball, but it will be up to the referee to decide if there will be any consequence.

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